SEC Posts Two New Non-GAAP Business Combination Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations

This week, the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Division of Corporation Finance posted two new non-GAAP Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations (C&DI) which continue on to the discussion of Business Combination Transactions from October 17, 2017 as follows:

Question 101.01

Question: Are financial measures included in forecasts provided to a financial advisor and used in connection with a business combination transaction non-GAAP financial measures?

Answer: No, if the conditions described below are met.

Item 10(e)(5) of Regulation S-K and Rule 101(a)(3) of Regulation G provide that a non-GAAP financial measure does not include financial measures required to be disclosed by GAAP, Commission rules, or a system of regulation of a government or governmental authority or self-regulatory organization that is applicable to the registrant. Accordingly, financial measures provided to a financial advisor would be excluded from the definition of non-GAAP financial measures, and therefore not subject to Item 10(e) of Regulation S-K and Regulation G, if and to the extent:

  • the financial measures are included in forecasts provided to the financial advisor for the purpose of rendering an opinion that is materially related to the business combination transaction; and
  • the forecasts are being disclosed in order to comply with Item 1015 of Regulation M-A or requirements under state or foreign law, including case law, regarding disclosure of the financial advisor’s analyses or substantive work. [Oct. 17, 2017]

Here are the two new C&DIs posted this week: 

Question 101.02

Question: Can the registrant rely on the Answer to Question 101.01 if the same forecasts provided to its financial advisor are also provided to its board of directors or board committee?

Answer: Yes.

Question 101.03

Question: A registrant provides forecasts to bidders in a business combination transaction. To avoid anti-fraud concerns under the federal securities laws or ensure that the other disclosures in the document are not misleading, it determines that such forecasts should be disclosed. Are the financial measures contained in forecasts disclosed for this purpose considered non-GAAP financial measures? [April 4, 2018]

Answer: If a registrant determines that forecasts exchanged between the parties in a business combination transaction are material and that disclosure of such forecasts is required to comply with the anti-fraud and other liability provisions of the federal securities laws, the financial measures included in such forecasts would be excluded from the definition of non-GAAP financial measures and therefore not subject to Item 10(e) of Regulation S-K and Regulation G. [April 4, 2018]

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