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Legal Solutions

End to end litigation support provider

2engage is a full service end to end Litigation Support provider. Our team of professionals are focused on providing you with the best solutions to meet the needs of your cases. At 2engage, we believe superior client service, fast turnaround times, and quality results are what make a difference.

We offer a full life cycle E-Discovery process from Collection, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Hosting, Review and Production we work hand in hand with our clients to determine the best solution for their needs.

Our ability to handle large volume productions in house with strict quality assurance measures sets our Scanning and Duplicating Department head and shoulders above the competition. Whether it’s Duplicating, Printing or Scanning, our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation allows you peace of mind in knowing the job is getting done right the first time.


Managing electronic discovery projects properly and efficiently requires careful planning and diligent execution. 2engage provides experienced and dedicated experts with deep institutional and industry knowledge to work with you during the various steps of the discovery process. Clients receive ongoing detailed reports on the progress of their projects. Our consultants offer expert guidance on litigation preparedness, data acquisition and litigation support issues and help to reduce your cost and exposure.

eDiscovery Solutions

At 2engage, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep up with the changing legal landscape. As a result, we know how important it is for companies to properly manage eDiscovery. Our consultants and project managers have intimate knowledge and experience with the technologies and legal procedures needed to collect, process and maintain this data in a secure, accessible way. We have a consistent and proven method for managing the entire eDiscovery lifecycle. Our highly skilled team will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific needs.

Paper Discovery Solutions

At 2engage, we help clients with their document management needs. Whether a client is considering a large back-file conversion project, or just needs assistance with day-to-day scanning, we have a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

  • Duplicating
  • Scanning
  • Coding
  • Printing
  • Binding
  • Back-file conversions

Our facilities are equipped with state of the art technology, which gives us the capability to handle projects of all sizes.