Environmental & Social Shareholder Proposals Take the Lead

It comes as no surprise that environmental and social shareholder proposals have emerged as the top proposals submitted for 2017, accounting for 54% of all ESG proposals in the United States. As more investors continue to press companies on their future outlook and strategy regarding E&S issues, we will continue to see an uptick in these types of proposals being sent to corporations.

See this intro from Corporate Secretary Magazine:

In 2017, E&S proposals accounted for 54 percent of all ESG proposals in the US, whereas in 2012 they accounted for 39 percent, according to data ISS Corporate Solutions has shared with Corporate Secretary. The number of E&S proposals has increased by 41 percent during this five-year period, while fewer governance proposals have been filed.

‘The dip in governance resolutions likely reflects the fact that reforms such as proxy access, board declassification and repealing poison pills have taken hold across a wide swath of US companies, and so fewer companies are being targeted for governance reforms,’ Leah Rozin, principal ESG adviser at ISS Corporate Solutions, tells Corporate Secretary. ‘By contrast, environmental and social resolutions continue to climb, and we expect this trend to continue into 2018.’

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