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Corporate Governance

Our advisory team is equipped to deliver expert service to support you in developing and managing your corporate governance program.

At 2engage, we recognize that each company is different, and bring a customized approach in crafting the right governance structure that’s in line with your company values and strategy.  We start from the foundation of understanding what investors are looking for, where market trends are leading, and help you build a governance roadmap unique to your audience.

Shareholder engagement is important. At 2engage, we strategize with our clients on how to achieve success in relationship building with stakeholders.

We believe effective disclosure builds trust, meaningful relationships, and investor confidence. We strategize with our clients on how to send the right message clearly and effectively.

Our approach touches on a number of disclosure best practices that stakeholders are keenly interested in seeing messaged effectively. Emerging disclosure trends such as Boardroom Accountability Project 2.0, board diversity, process and structure, shareholder engagement, cybersecurity, sustainability, simplifying compensation disclosure, CEO pay ratio, among other disclosures.